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an open notebook and a laptop for Spanish Millennium students

How does it work?

We will talk to you

You will set up with a tutor for a video session (you will receive a link to access your free  session)  We will evaluate your level and will give you a sample class so you can decide what works for you. In this session you will be able to make any questions and decide what format works better for you. After you decide the kind of class you want, we will email you an invoice accordingly, or you can find your options here.

Spanish Millennium Online tutoring
Spanish Millennium Online tutoring

You are on board!

After you have picked your plan, either private or group. and paid, you need to sign up in our platform so you can have access to the classes and material.   You have total access to your tutor and if you can schedule directly with him/her if you are taking private classes.  You will also receive material to study and for homework.

Your progress

We are constantly evaluating you, there are no formal exams, we just need to see your progress week after week.  You can have free private sessions (group students) and you can also have access to our workshops so you can add more too your classes and continue to improve.

Spanish Millennium Online tutoring

Contact us

Thanks for submitting!

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Spanish Millennium Online tutoring


To achieve success you should be constant and continue with your studies.  To continue studying with us,  just renew your membership and enroll in the next course.  

Spanish Millennium Online tutoring

Fill a form

Book a free session so you can experience how the lessons will be before you commit Just give us your information and the day and time that works better for you and we will contact right away.

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