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Should I take private or group classes? What’s better?  

It depends on your needs, your schedule and your budget.  Every student has different preferences, so  the best option totally depends on you.  In a group setting you can interact with the teacher and also with the other students, you can always learn from the other students.  The class, however, has to go at the pace of the whole class.  Also, a group class has a fixed schedule that most of the time cannot be changed.  In a private session, your teacher can go at your pace and move according to your needs.  This format is also much more flexible, since you can skip a class or request a day or time change.  You basically have a credit of hours that you can use at your convenience.

Can I have an initial class before deciding?​

Of course! We always offer one initial session before you decide whether you want to take a course or not and whether you want to take a group or a private class.

How will I know what class level is good for me?

We will evaluate your level during your free trial session and will tell you all your options.

Do I need to buy books?

The classes are mostly conversational and interactive so no book will be used during the class.  The teacher will give you all that you need in every class.  All the theory and homework will be provided by your instructor.  You only need to take notes if you want   The classes are recorded for you to review.

If I am in a group and at some point decide that it is too advanced or too basic for my level, can I change to different class?

Of course! we are constantly evaluating our students and if the level is not the same as the level of the rest of the students, we will suggest different classes.

How many hours per week will I need to learn the language? How long it will take me to go from beginner to advanced?

This is very relative and depends on your schedule and budget.  We don't recommend less than 1 hour per week for one-on-one classes, however the average number of hours we suggest is 3 hours per week.  Obviously the more hours the faster you will learn.  You can book as many hours per day and per week you want.  Assuming you are a complete beginner, and assuming you will take 2 hours per week of private lessons, we would say you can be totally fluent in around 18 months.  Of course this also depends on how many hours you dedicate outside of your regular class to homework, practice listening conversation, etc.  It also depends on  the student's aptitude to learn a new language.

How efficient are online classes?

Very efficient, as efficient as in person classes.  Nowadays technology helps us connect with no problem.  As long as you have a good internet connection and a decent computer, you are ready to have classes online.​

Where are the teachers from? Are they native speakers? Are they trained to be teachers?

Most of our teachers are native speakers from Spain or Latin America, however we also hire non native Spanish speaker tutors when their Spanish is perfect in every aspect including of course accent.  All our teachers are professionals with relative studies, proper training and experience teaching.​

What happen if I cannot continue classes in the middle of my course? Can I get my money back?

No, you cannot get your money back after you take the second class, however, we can keep your credit for up to a year if you need to have a break and you can also transfer your credit to another student.

How flexible are the teachers? Can I cancel a class whenever I want?

We are very flexible, as long as you give your teacher 24 hour notice, you can request a change of day or time or just cancel that class without penalty.  This is only in the case of private lessons.  With groups you cannot make changes.

If I pay for a large number of classes, can I have a discount?

Yes, check our plans for options.  We have monthly or annual plans with better prices.

There are lots of other language schools, why should I pick Spanish Millennium ?

Indeed, there are multiple language schools to choose from and you need to evaluate your options based on the quality of teaching and the results.  Most of the time a small school gives more attention to their students than large schools that have thousands of offices around the world.  Some schools offer Spanish speaking tutors with no teaching experience and with no knowledge of grammar and rules.  We offer quality teachers and you can directly communicate and schedule classes with them - we trust our teachers.  We are always online ready to respond any question or request, you will always be able to talk over the phone or in a video conference with us.  And of course, we offer a free trial class so you can see the quality of our classes and teachers by yourself before deciding to pay for a course.

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