Private Online Classes

Nowadays, technology allows us to be virtually anywhere.  We work with tutors around the world so you can have lessons with experts and at any time you need.  While the class will be mainly conversation based, you will be provided material to use during the class including video, audio, and pictures.

Take private classes at the day and time that works better for you or enroll in one of our online groups.


We support a variety of video conferencing platforms including Skype, Zoom, Appear and Facetime. In the near future, we will offer live online classes directly from our website.

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In Person Tutoring

Your tutor will come to a location of your choice for one-on-one classes or semi-private classes.  We’re happy to conduct the classes at your office, home or a cafe nearby in a very relaxed setting.  We currently serve New York and Boston, Washington DC just online.