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Spanish Millennium Helping Ukrainians in Spain

The Ukrainian crisis has forced millions of Ukrainian women and children to immigrate to other countries where they can be safe and have a normal life.  Spain is one of the many countries receiving  Ukrainian refugees. As of April, Spain has welcomed 110,000 refugees.  Most, if not all, of these refugees don't speak Spanish which make it hard for them to get jobs and for the kids to understand what they are being taught at school. Spanish Millennium is committed to help as many refugees as posible to learn Spanish.  We have set 2 weekly classes for free, one for children and other for adults.  Unfortunately we have reached our limit and now we would need donations to be able to expand our classes and been able to offer them to more Ukrainian refugees.  We have set a Gofundme account for this purpose.  If you want to contribute any dollar counts.  

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