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Mastering Finance in Spanish: Essential Terminology and Expressions

These lists are useful for both finance students and professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of financial language in Spanish.

Financial Terminology

Financial terminology is essential for understanding the world of finance and economics. Words like "stocks," "capital," and "dividends" are common in financial reports and investment discussions. Knowing these terms allows investors and finance professionals to communicate effectively and make informed decisions.

Here is a list of financial terms in Spanish:

  1. Acciones - Stocks

  2. Bolsa de Valores - Stock Exchange

  3. Capital - Capital

  4. Dividendos - Dividends

  5. Intereses - Interest

  6. Inversión - Investment

  7. Mercado de Valores - Securities Market

  8. Rendimiento - Yield

  9. Riesgo - Risk

  10. Tasa de Interés - Interest Rate

Financial Expressions

Financial expressions complement the terminology, providing a deeper and more practical context for using the terms. Phrases like "short term" or "portfolio diversification" are crucial for describing specific strategies and situations in the financial realm. These expressions help clarify concepts and plan effective actions in financial management.

Below are some financial expressions in Spanish:

  1. A corto plazo - Short term

  2. A largo plazo - Long term

  3. Analizar el mercado - Analyze the market

  4. Aumentar el capital - Increase capital

  5. Bajo rendimiento - Low yield

  6. Beneficio neto - Net profit

  7. Ciclo económico - Economic cycle

  8. Cobertura de riesgos - Risk coverage

  9. Compra de acciones - Stock purchase

  10. Crecimiento económico - Economic growth

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