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How will Spanish Millennium help in this crisis?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The general situation.

Millions of people are losing their jobs because of COVID-19, and we don’t know when the situation will go back to normal.  Many office workers will still be working online from home, and some may have even more work than before.  But by contrast, businesses like restaurants, theaters, and sports clubs are already at a standstill, and it’s just as bad for day care workers, home cleaning professionals, and many of the self-employed whose work is normally in-person.

Our situation.

Spanish Millennium is able to keep going, because many of our classes are online already and the others can easily shift to that format. As always, we’re proud to be able to offer our students professional and experienced Spanish teachers, and we are constantly seeking new teachers with the experience and preparation to take the student from beginner to advanced in a smooth and fun way, covering all the necessary grammar as we go along. But in this crisis, we believe we should step up and do more.  

The idea.

In response, Spanish Millennium now also offers “30-minute conversational sessions." These will be Spanish-speaking sessions, held by a native Spanish speaker with no teaching experience.  They will help you practice talking and listening, and they might correct you and give you some vocabulary and grammar rules, although this is not a formal class.  These online groups are for 6 to 10 students whose Spanish is at similar levels.   This new option will offer the opportunity of some extra income for those who have lost their jobs but don’t currently have the expertise to hold a formal language class.  We will set up as many of these short sessions as possible if we have the people interested in joining this effort to help others. The sessions will help provide some remote work to native Spanish speakers who would otherwise be unemployed, while giving our students additional time to practice their skills even while self-isolating at home.

How does this work?

Each 30-minute session costs just $5.00; you buy packages of 10 sessions ($50.00) to use at your convenience.  We will have 3 levels of conversation:  ·      beginners (for basic conversations at present tense) ·      intermediate (you communicate in more than just present tense but not fluent)  ·      advanced (you can manage conversations with fluency) At the beginning, we will have a limited, fixed schedule.  But as we open more groups, you will have more options, with sessions for your level almost every day.  Any time you want to join a session, just confirm on our website and we will send you a password to access the meeting.  As soon as you use your 10 sessions, you will be able to buy more and continue enjoying our informal Spanish immersion conversations while helping support those who have lost their jobs.

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