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Expand Your World by Learning Spanish

It happens to a lot of travelers: You visit a country whose official language is Spanish, you speak only English, and much of your time is spent trying to accurately communicate with the natives. All of that effort can end up being frustrating and a huge waste of valuable time.

But with help from immersive learning from Spanish Millennium, there will be no need to constantly refer to a bilingual dictionary or to converse using hand gestures.

All of Spanish Millennium’s tutors are from Latin America or Spain, and when you want to learn a foreign language, native speakers are undoubtedly the best teachers. Right now, all of our classes are online, so you can commit to learning regardless of commuting, weather or time. When Covid restrictions allow it, we will resume offering in-person one-on-one and group classes and workshops in most areas of Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Whether you want to learn Spanish or any other foreign language, there are many benefits to being bilingual. Here are three of them.

When it comes to traveling, knowing how to speak the local language lets you fully engage in your experience. You can easily converse with local residents, store clerks, and restaurant and hotel employees. There’s no need for shallow conversations with people you meet.

It’s easy to enjoy, understand and appreciate forms of entertainment that are in another language. You can appreciate a whole new world of music, plays and books. And think how nice it would be not having to read a movie’s subtitles while simultaneously trying to follow what’s happening on the rest of the screen!

Many employers value employees who are bilingual. In fact, studies have proved that people who are fluent in a language other than their own can earn up to 10 percent more than folks who speak only English.

Expand your linguistic horizons by calling Spanish Millennium today at 347-470-9413. You can also fill in the boxes in the Contact Us form. To book a free trial virtual session, enter your information in the Fill A Form box. And follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!

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