Private Rescheduling & Refund Policy:

•             A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule a lesson or the lesson is considered used

•             Credit is transferable but must be used by the expiration date

•             There will be NO REFUNDS for unused classes.

 consider time very valuable, both to me and to my students. In order to be a more effective tutor, I am implementing my cancellation policy as follows:

- Student Cancels with more than 24 hours Notice: No fee
- Student Cancels with 6-24 hours Notice: 1/2 price of session
- Student Cancels with 1-6 hours Notice: Full price of session
- Student no-show with No Notice: Full price of session and student may be dropped

I am committed to providing an excellent experience during each tutoring session. I promise to value your time. In the unlikely event that I am late or need to cancel a session last-minute, I agree to the following:

- I am more than 15 minutes late to session: Student charged 1/2 price of session and make-up time, if possible
- I cancelled a session with less than 24 hours Notice: Next session is free


My schedule is very full, and I prefer to schedule my students on a certain day of the week based on location. Rescheduling should only be done in an emergency and if my schedule allows.