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If you’re searching for a language tutor for you or your kids, who can provide you with the personalized attention you deserve, look no further! We are knowledgeable private teachers with many years of experience.  We have been offering our services in one-on-one and group classes with very good results in the New York area and now also online with one-on-one, groups and workshops. Our tutors are all from Latin America and Spain and they will help you achieve your goals. For virtual classes, take advantage of the free 30 minute class before you make a decision, just contact us and we will schedule your free initial session.  If you are in the Manhattan or Brooklyn areas and want a tutor  for classes in person, you can pay for just one class before commititng to a course.

online/virtual classes

We will assign a tutor that will work with you and your busy schedule. While the class will be mainly conversation based, you will be provided material to use during the class including video, audio, and pictures.

Request a tutor for  one-on-one classes at the day and time that works better for you or enroll in one of our online groups.


We support a variety of video conferencing platforms including Skype, Zoom, Appear and Facetime. In the near future, we will offer live online classes directly from our website.

Book your free 30 minute session!

in person

Your tutor will come to a location of your choice for one-on-one classes or semi-private classes.  We’re happy to conduct the classes at your office, home or a cafe nearby in a very relaxed setting.  We currently serve Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs.


Our online courses have a duration of 10 weeks, however, some of them might be shorter.

Our class size ranges from 3 to 6 students.  We never have more than 6 students so that everybody can participate.  If we don’t reach a minimum of 3 students we will postpone the class a week or more until we reach that number.  Of course, we offer a full refund if you are not able wait.

We use Zoom as our main platform for online courses.  As soon as you enroll in one of the classes you will have a link to access your class every week.  You can access the class from your computer, or any other device.  The classes are recorded so if you ever miss a class you can have access to the video to catch up.

Each module will take you step by step from the basics to the most advanced grammar, however, the classes are mainly conversational from the beginning to the end.  Via conversation you will learn all the grammar you need.

After you finish one module you can enroll in the next level, however, you are free to re-enroll in the same module again if you feel that you need to repeat it.  Since the classes are conversational from the beginning, each class is different even if you repeat a module.  For example, you can review the rules of indirect object pronouns repeatedly but the oral exercises in class and the conversation applying them will always be different and your fluency will improve class after class.

Also, when you enroll in a course, you are able to buy an Unlimited Access Monthly Membership that will allow you to step in any available class at any time and participate as a regular student.  So, on top of your current module you can visit a beginner, intermediate or advanced class at any time to keep practicing.

children and teens

We have excellent tutors with experience in children and teenagers.  The classes are customized to each independent case depending on the student´s age and needs.  The tutor will come to your home at the day and time that works better for you and your child.  In order to make sure you and your child like the teacher we can set up just one initial class before committing to a course.

Contact us for more information and to set up an initial session with your tutor.  

corporate groups

Classes or private tutoring to fit your busy schedule.  A tutor will come to your office at the day and time of your convenience.  Our tutors come from different backgrounds so we can find the perfect fit for your needs.  No matter in what sector you are, from banking or law to medicine or arts, you will always be able to have a tutor for you or your staff.  We offer one-on-one or groups, both in person or online or a combination of both.

Contact us to let us know what your needs are and to schedule your first class .