¡buen provecho!



Book an immersive dinner and be transported to a Spanish-speaking country without the need of a passport.

We organize these events every other week, or depending on demand.  

This is a dinner party hosted at different locations, from public venues to a private home.  

There will be a limited number of guests depending on each different venue and event.  

Expect to be totally immersed in the Spanish language and culture.  From a Spanish dinner with tapas and wine to a Mexican Fiesta with burritos and tequila,  you will be speaking only Spanish in a part of New York where Latino culture lives every day.  Expect to have conversations with the host, the chef and the servers just in Spanish.  They will also correct you and teach you while enjoying the party.  We will encourage (and almost enforce) that the guests don't speak English. Join our meetup group.

El barrio


We organize tours to show you the Hispanic culture in your city. 

From historical sites, to neighborhoods, bars and restaurants, you will be practicing your Spanish while learning from our culture and mingling with locals speaking just in Spanish.

In order to get the most of these events, your Spanish should be at a level to at least understand and communicate the basics.

Events, details and prices to be announced soon.

Immersion trips

Do you want to spend some time totally immersed in the Spanish language and culture? You could have Spanish lessons, group trips
and cultural activities.  We partner with Venture with Impact organizing 30 day co-working retreats and one-week special retreats in Medellin, Colombia and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. These retreats are designed to help you increase your fluency and become fully immersed in the Hispanic culture or to learn Spanish from the beginning. Also, there is a volunteer (giving back) component to these trips, which makes immersion more impactful as you can truly interact with locals. Mention Spanish Millennium in your application for a $100 discount.  Email us for more information.